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Alignment from the series Help tools is available for AutoCAD Civil 3D starting from the version 2015.

Earlier versions are explicitly not supported. Specific hardware requirements are not necessary.

Alignment runs, as well as all Help tools, as an add-on solution within AutoCAD Civil 3D.

For multiple installations of different versions of Civil 3D, Alignment will automatically be available in all supported Civil 3D versions. Currently, two language versions English and German are available.

Main functions

  • Construction of Roundabout alignments
  • Generation of alignments for Turning constructions
    For Germany: according to RAST 06)
    The alignments are individually modifiable. Own standards can also be included.
  • Insert of the data into the drawing as an AutoCAD table
  • Map overview with Open Street Map
  • Map overview with Open Topo Map
  • Export of the map overview
  • Display of the alignment data
  • Report output of the alignment data by pre-designed templates
  • Export of the alignments in the SHP-format
  • Tangent Polygon
    Export / Insert as alignment, feature line and poly line
    Export of reports
    Export / Insert of the tangent intersections
    Length and Angle Measuring
  • Integrated spreadsheet calculation




Coming soon.