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C3D Styles from the series Help Tools is available for AutoCADCivil 3D starting from the version, 2015. Earlier versions are explicitly not supported.

Specific hardware requirements are not necessary.

C3D Styles runs as an add-on solution within AutoCAD Civil 3D. If there are multiple AutoCAD Civil 3D versions on your computer the add-on is automatically available in all supported versions.

So, there is no need for multiple installations of this HelpTool in separate AutoCAD Civil 3D versions.


In Civil3D you can only change the styles of a DGM over preferences or any other Civil3D Object through many “mouse clicks”, which can be pretty annoying from time to time.

We now have achieved a very convenient solution with our new Help Tool „C3D Styles“.


In C3D Styles we offer you a function within the context menu ( “right-click menu“). The available styles are being offered there, in order for you to quickly switch between the styles.


We invite you to watch the Beta Preview, which underlines what a big relief this Help Tool offers for daily use.

How does it work?

Through an user interface 3 standard styles can be defined. These are then available in the context menu for you to choose. Every time one / or more objects were selected only those styles are put available that belong to those specific objects.

The default styles are stored in a configuration file, so the styles are also available in drawings where these are not available yet.

If this would be the case, this will be displayed in the user interface and the styles can simply be imported with a double click, thus the default styles are available in each drawing.

In the final version of this Help tool the following C3D styles are supported:

  • DGM
  • Alignment Styles
  • Corridors
  • Alignment Labelling Styles
  • Pipenetworks



Coming soon.