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CA Reports from the series Help tools is available for AutoCAD Civil 3D starting from the version 2015.

Earlier versions are explicitly not supported. Specific hardware requirements are not necessary.

CA Reports runs, as well as all other Help tools, as an add-on solution within AutoCAD Civil 3D.

For multiple installations of different versions of Civil 3D, CA Reports will automatically be available in all supported Civil 3D versions. Currently, two language versions English and German are available.

CA Reports provides to you several report templates, allowing you to generate impressive reports from your Civil 3D objects.

The advantages over the standard reports in Civil 3D are extensive. You have the possibility of using an individual designed report header as RTF template with your logo. The RTF template can be freely configured with for example filler text blocks for project data, address data, etc. This configuration is saved for each drawing and can be edited  within the add-on. Furthermore, many export formats are at your disposal for exporting your reports in the format of your choice.


As you are used to from our Help Tools, the Civil3D data are clearly displayed in a spreadsheet and can be grouped there, selected, filtered and copied.


Currently report templates for the following areas are available:

  • Alignments
  • DTMs
  • Points
  • Corridors
  • Pipe Networks

Additional report templates are continuously produced. At the time of purchase of a license you will receive the new report templates as part of updates for free.

Main functions

  • Own report headers with Logo (RTF Template)
  • Input of extensive project information and output in the report headers
  • Spreadsheet view of Civil 3D data, Filtering Data
  • Corridors, Volume calculations from shapes, Volume calculations between lines and / or sections, Area calculation from lines, Integration of sections plans in the reports, Sections plan viewer, Simultaneous calculation of several Corridors
  • Pipe Networks, Pipe quantity calculation, Structure lists and shaft sketches, Pipe lists
  • Export formats:
    Picture formats (BMP,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TIFF,EMF,WMF)


General Screenshots

Screenshots of pipe networks

Screenshots of corridors

Screenshots of alignments

Screenshots DTMs

Screenshots of points


Coming soon.