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GeoPicture from the series Help Tools is available for AutoCADCivil 3D starting from the version, 2015. Earlier versions are explicitly not supported.

Specific hardware requirements are not necessary.

GeoPicture runs as an add-on solution within AutoCAD Civil 3D. If there are multiple AutoCAD Civil 3D versions on your computer the add-on is automatically available in all supported version. So, there is no need for multiple installations of this HelpTool in separate AutoCAD Civil 3D versions.


In GeoPicture the “EXIF” Data of Pictures are being analyzed and made accessible in Civil 3D. The image format EXIF (“Exchangeable Image File Format”), an originally Japanese Industrial Standard, which includes not only the compressed image data itself, but also the Photo shoot parameters, based on the known JPEG and TIFF compressed or uncompressed images.


In particular, the position data (GPS location,  photo shoot direction) are being analyzed and inserted into Civil 3D as a block at the exact position. Through a so-called hyperlink, the original image is automatically linked to the block so that it can be called upon at any time within the design file. Thus, the precious details of your captured images can be integrated into the planning.

Whether your photos as stock images for planning or photos of your construction documentation, GeoPicture helps to insert them into your geo-referenced drawing and document. Once your camera has a GPS function, you can use this information within GeoPicture to geo-reference these in your drawing.

Particularly interesting are photographs of road signs, trees or damaged areas to locate these in your plan so they can be documented. For each image you can retrieve other individual recorded data, so that you can perform further various evaluations in GeoPicture. These features are supported by the ability to create and run custom reports. In order to do this an extensive and powerful report generator is available within GeoPicture.

Main functions

  • Subsequent changes to the stored GPS position
  • Individual blocks
  • DWG Export including images for data exchange (hyperlinks remain to exist)
  • Report Designer (Report Generator)
  • Determining the address of an image position
  • Excel export with own templates