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Points from alignment from the series Help Tools is available for AutoCAD Civil 3D starting from the version 2015. Earlier versions are explicitly not supported. Specific hardware requirements are not necessary.

Points from Alignment runs as an add-on solution within AutoCAD Civil 3D. If there are multiple versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D on your computer, the add-on is automatically available in all supported versions. There is no need for multiple installations per AutoCAD Civil 3D installation.

Currently, the three language versions English, Spanish and German are available.

Points from Alignment supports you in your daily practice around the theme points and alignments.

The spectrum of features does not limit itself to only create the points.

Within the add-on, there are other great features available.

Main functions

  • Creating station lists and point lists for point calculation.
  • Output of all lists in different data formats (TXT, CSV, RTF, XLSX).
  • Reckon on dimensioning, labeling widths from the edge alignments or the like.
  • Creating AutoCad tables.
  • Clear display of the alignments in Open Street Map, Open Topo Map and Bing Maps.
  • Output of alignments lists.
  • Simple alignment of the calculated or already existing points to alignments.
  • Support for custom user specific Point Properties (UDP’s).
  • Alignments calculation (station and center distance) of corresponding alignments.
  • Calculation of stations and spacing of existing points.
  • Export of the alignments in the ESRI Shape format.
  • Target-performance analyzes or as-built point analyzes.
  • Spreadsheet for editing the lists.

Points from Alignment uses the Civil 3D objects alignments and points for the calculation or creation of points. Thus a 100% conformity is guaranteed.

Compared to the conventional approach in AutoCAD Civil 3D you get with Points from Alignment an enormous increase in productivity. You can save your data at any time and re-use and / or retrieve your data for usage at a later time. Extensive range of editing features within the tables are available before the points are permanently inserted in your drawing.

The tables can be customized to your needs simply by drag & drop. These created table layouts can be saved and recalled later. All lists can be inserted as an AutoCAD table in your drawing. In a map window the alignments are shown. As a background map are various service providers such as Open Street Map available.




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