Commercial UAV for industrial inspections and monitoring

UAS Service in industrial inspection

Accomplish demanding aerial inspection tasks with our versatile UAS Service.


  • Inspection of power lines
  • Inspection of wind turbines
  • Inspections of photovoltaic systems
  • Inspection of bridge facilities
  • Inspections of oil and gas pipelines
  • Inspection of train paths
  • Thermal analysis with thermal imaging camera


Inspect and monitor buildings, solar applications, wind turbines, buildings and railway systems with our multicopter.

All images, positioning and flight data can be logged and analysed in detail.

Inspection of Power Lines

Our unmanned Multicopter combined with a high-quality sensor is the perfect platform to create blur-free images for aerial inspections of overhead power lines.

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Aerial inspection of Windmills

Our Hexacopter is increasingly used in green energy industries and is ideal for wind turbines inspections aswell as mapping tasks.

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UAS Service for photovoltaic thermography inspections

A combination that is quite impressive! Our multicopter in combination with a thermal imaging camera is the perfect floating platform for thermographic applications.

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Bridge inspection

The Aibot X6 makes the inspection of inaccessible and difficult to see locations of a bridge possible. Regular inspections of critical points of a bridge system are essential for a good preparation of future maintenance tasks. Thanks to the live video, the operator can manouver safely, inspect the bridge and get the best images possible.

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Train paths inspection

With the UAS service train paths can be flown over a longer distance easily and efficiently, even in inaccessible places.