Inspection of Wind Turbines / Windmills with our UAS Service

Our UAS Service is increasingly used in the field of green energy, and is ideal for the inspection of wind turbines. Wind turbines incorporate many different electrical and mechanical components. Like all other equipment these components are susceptible to wear and can break down. This can cause not only costly downtime, but dangerous accidents as well.

By using our hexacopter, wind turbines can be inspected in a safe way and damages can be detected in the shortest possible time.

Our UAS can be equipped with various sensors, including thermal imager, video or digital cameras, and delivers crisp images and videos from optimal perspectives that can later be analyzed completely and accurately. Our multicopter is easy to control and can fly autonomously along pre-defined flight routes.


  • You can carry out inspections throughout the year, both onshore and offshore.
  • You can control blades, nacelles and main structures.
  • You increase the safety for your inspection staff, since the application is controlled from the ground.
  • Wind turbines do not have to be shut down, and an inspection flight only takes between 10 and 15 minutes per wind turbine. This saves time and money.

Detailed images